Flowers A-Z: Z is for...

Image by Keattikorn

Zinnias are a full sun summer annual, so they are not blooming in our yard yet.  When they do, they make colorful, many petaled flowers atop a bright green set of leaves.  We are really excited about our zinnias this year because we planted a ton, and all different varieties.  I am hoping that a candy cane variety will make it and have taken special care to make sure they do.  

...Zelcova (Wireless)
Check out that dark sky!  We've been having some crazy weather for May.
This is (we hope) the final tree to go in the middle planter.  It has not been easy getting a tree to survive though, mostly because the ones we tried were not full sun trees and that middle planter gets no shade whatsoever.  This is a full sun tree, and even though it doesn't make flowers (like the dogwood and magnolia that were previously there), it is supposed to turn vibrant red in the fall, so that is almost as good.  It is called wireless because it stays relatively small, and thus has been used under telephone wires.  Of course, it's not much to look at right now, but one day it should be awesome.

And that, dear friends, is Flowers A-Z!  


  1. Wow. I can't believe you guys have a veritable alphabet in your front/back/side yard! I've enjoyed the "Flowers A-Z" series, especially when I caught a glimpse of R-BRTs helper :-)


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